big dye terminator V3.0

Nick Jacobsen nickjacobsen at
Thu Aug 23 07:41:07 EST 2001

Matt Thomas <mthomas9770 at> wrote in message news:<B7A9C34E.42F%mthomas9770 at>...
> I've just started using big dye terminator V3.0 with our new ABI automated
> sequencer and I'm on the prowl for tricks.  Basicaly, I get varried signal
> strength and I'm wondering if someone can share conditions that they get
> good results with.
> I'm also interested in recipes on how to dillute BDT mix (buffer
> composition).  I know people dillute it and I hear stories of 1:8 but I can
> never get any reasonable resuslts with less than a 1:2 dillution.  So if
> anyone can share I would appreicate it.
> Thanks
> Matt Thomas

regarding diluting the mix. I do quarter volume reactions without
diluting because its the diluting that causes the problems. Then i use
a resin column to clean up the reactions. this always worked


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