Book of Lab Protocols for Receptor Pharmacology?

Mike mike665420015 at
Fri Aug 24 11:43:52 EST 2001

Hello everyone.  I've recently become interested in the question of
whether a series of compounds I synthesized have any agonist or
antagonist properties at the kainate/AMPA receptor.  However, because
I'm an organic chemist rather a biochemist, I don't know a lot about
how to perform receptor binding assays.  Thus, I was wondering whether
anyone could steer me in the direction of a book that lays out, in a
step-by-step fashion, the standard lab protocols for doing receptor
binding assays for small organic molecules.  I tried looking in
_Current Protocols in Molecular Biology_ and _Molecular Cloning_, but
neither had any relevant information.  I guess what I'm basically
looking for is a lab manual analagous to Maniatis' _Molecular Cloing_,
but for neuroscience/neuropharmacology.  Any suggestions for a lowly

Thanks in advance!


P.S.  Is this the wrong group to post this kind of question to?  If
so, my apologies, but I would appreciate any suggestions of a more
appropriate newsgroup.

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