Cell culture techniques

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Dear Gail,

actually, you don't need a textbook for learning TC. I never had
a look into any but do TC for 10 years now. Basically you
need someone who has experience and can give you some
hints at the bench and tell you the do's and don'ts. It takes
less than half a day to learn the basics. The rest will be
experience and that is what you cannot read in books.

There's nothing like magic about cell culture: I consider the
most important thing to work fast and clean, that keeps the
cultures sterile. (Sterility actually is the issue and many
people do a lot of voodoo for it - some clean their incubators
every week, some don't do it for two years or longer. If
something is wrong with your cells, then you should look for
the reason, if they feel comfortable, don't disturb them too
After some time you should 'know' your cells so that you can
see in the microscope if the don't feel well.
Of course you need to know which media your cells like, if
they may become confluent or not, but that you rather will
read in the data sheets and in papers since it is specific for
each cell type and also depends from lab to lab. In fact, it is
some sort of -culture ;-).

If possible, you maybe could start with some fibroblasts or
other easily maintainable cell lines and not with primary
cultures or even stem cells if you can't get hold of a tutor.

If you like, have a look at
to see what cell culture people are concerned about.

... and, of course, you might stay tuned to this NG!

Good luck!

> Hi,
> Similar to John Boswell, I am in need of some pointers about
> mammalian cell culture techniques. Unlike many of you rich
> people, I find £116  a little severe on the pocket, since I'm
> just beginning my PHd.  I have been searching for any old copies
> of Ian Freshneys (£132.00) text on cell culture and am at the end
> of my tether. Even some photocopies of relevant chapters would be
> helpful (Don't ask if there are any copies in the Library - there
> aren't!)
> Has anyone any ideas ?
> Gail : ¬)
> ---

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