Nadim nms68 at
Sun Dec 2 22:49:02 EST 2001


I have been having problems with running my SDS PAGE. Ive bee running an 8%
running with a 4% stacking yet recently for some baffling reason my marker
has not been seperating correctly. I am only seeing the top two (heaviest
two) bands appear immediately once the samples get to the running part. Then
only the heaviest two bands (120, and 90KD) are migrating throughout the
gel, it is almost as if the remaining bands of the marker are 'too small'
for the gel and dont appear! Ive made new Tris buffers and even though Im
using the same acrylamide others in the lab have used it with no problems.
Ive also made fresh running buffer. I checked my recipes and they are
correct, yet i still see the smae phenomenon. I am baffled.


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