Question about quantitating western blots.

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Fri Dec 7 04:50:28 EST 2001

"Christopher W Kafer" <ckafer at> wrote in message
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> Are BCIP/NBT detected westerns quantitative?  ie suppose I run equal
> amounts of total cellular protein (as determined by Bradford assay) from
> various treatments in individual lanes and then detect with BCIP/NBT.  Can
> the blot be scanned and bands quantitated with NIH-Image or similar?

Don't know about the assay but the image can be quantitated on NIH Image. At
the same time download ImageJ It is cross platform and although slightly
different lookswise it is the way things are going. (IMHO)

I still think NIH is better at the moment

Bob; Sunny Scotland
> If not, what's the best way to do quantitative westerns?  Chemiluminescent
> and phosphorimager?
> Thanks folks!

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