Transfection by Ca-phosphate of a B-cell line

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Mon Dec 10 10:08:22 EST 2001

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> Any suggestion? What is going on here? I just tried to spin any

Essentially you're pouring concrete on your cells ;)  My advice would be 
to try one of the lipo reagents, such as Lipofectamine or 
Transfectamine.  Fairly straightforward, and a lot nicer to your cells.  
Tend to get higher rates of transfection, too.  The only thing to watch 
is that you may have to perform the t/fection in SF media.

That's as may be, but RPG is also a Scientist, and, as with dragons, it
isn't wise to provoke scientists, for you are crunchy and would make an
excellent vector for new pathogens.
                                                        - CK in csmgf-s

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