16S sequencing primers

Sergio sergioal at bbm1.ucm.es
Tue Dec 11 06:05:22 EST 2001

Hi all,
i've sequenced the 16S rRNA from a common bacteria, using some primers which i
only know the name, not the sequence. I've been told their sequences are publish
in the following book:

Lane,D.J. (1991). "16S/23S rRNA sequencing." In: E. Stackebrandt and M.
Goodfellow (Eds.), Nucleic acid
     techniques in bacterial systematics, John Wiley and Sons, New York, NY, pp.

but i cannot find it in my center. May somebody send me the sequence of the
following primers:

27f ,437f, 1074f, 1100r, 519r, 785r, 806f and 1492r

or point me to a web site i can get the sequences from (or a paper reference).

Thanks in advance

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