Alternatives to EtBr

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Tue Dec 11 07:23:34 EST 2001

There's a compound named "CyberGreen" that should be nonharzardous and have
essentially the same properties as EtBr when it comes to staining. As far as
I know the police uses this to spray crimescenes for DNA detection, and I
recon they wouldn't do that with EtBr.

good luck


"Bruno Cenni" <bruno.removethis.cenni at> wrote in message
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> This aspect of EtBr has been discussed here every now and then. Although I
> am one of those believing that since EtBr does not enter living cells (at
> mg/ml conc.) it won't harm living people except if they'd eat grams of it,
> still would like to avoid unnecessary biohazards (and disposal thereof) in
> the lab. So if there were a simple, not too expensive alternative, why
> to EtBr?
> Cheers
> Bruno
> "Michael Witty" <mw132 at> wrote in message
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> >
> > > . . . . We would like to get rid of EtBr for
> > > environmental and safety reasons...
> >
> > Has anyone ever heard of someone being hurt by EtBr?  Mike.
> >

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