Porcine (Hog) Pancreatic Lipase (PPL)

Andreas Giessauf, PhD andreas.giessauf at uibk.ac.at
Tue Dec 11 13:36:55 EST 2001

    Hi there !

    For all those who are using porcine (hog) pancreatic lipase (E.C.

    as a biocatalyst I have maybe good news.

    I have published an article in Journal of Molecular Catalysis B:
Enzymatic 9 (2000)

    "A simple process for increasing the specific activity of porcine

    lipase by supercritical carbon dioxide treatment" pp. 57-64.

    By this method the specific activity of a crude PPL powder can

    be increased (without loss of material) up to 600 % of its initial


    I am also one of the owners and the inventor of a patent describing

    this process.

    Further information on the patent (in German language) and the
technology offer

    is available at following websites:




    If someone is interested in the technology, in reprints of the

    or in sample material - contact me via e-mail:

    andreas.giessauf at uibk.ac.at

    or by mail:

    Andreas Giessauf, PhD
    Institut für Hygiene und Sozialmedizin
    Universität Innsbruck
    Fritz-Pregl Str. 3
    A-6010 Innsbruck

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