Alternatives to EtBr

Bruno Cenni bruno.removethis.cenni at
Thu Dec 13 02:14:27 EST 2001

Thanks to all who replied (also per email). On there's
a comparison of the various dyes. They obviously use this comparison to
promote their Darkreader (I used to love it for cloning, but no affiliation
whatsoever). Since we'd like to use the dye mainly like EtBr in the gels
(agarose), Gelstar looks worthy a test. Costwise, if the new dyes are more
sensitive, one could use less molecular weight standard (and sample) and
compensate for the more expensive dye.


"Bruno Cenni" <bruno.removethis.cenni at> wrote in message
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> Hi all,
> what are your experiences with alternative dyes to stain DNA (rarely also
> RNA) in agarose and PAGE gels? We would like to get rid of EtBr for
> environmental and safety reasons... Besides sensitivity of detection
> filters/lamps), speed and cost are also factors  ; )
> Bruno

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