please tell me the sequence of vector pFL61

Wolfgang Schechinger wolfsc at
Fri Dec 14 02:33:10 EST 2001

Dear ShuDe, 
you could crosspost to bionet.molbio.yeast
and/or ask Google yield postal address 
of french people using it.

You also could perform some test digests to find out which enzymes are in the 
linker and then insert your own linker.



> Hello,Everyone:
> Who can tell me where I can find the the sequence of
> pFL61,a yeast vector .I have searched for many times
> on the web,but failed. Since BstXI site can only
> eliminates vector self-ligation ,but can not
> facilitates directional cloning of foreign cDNA,so I
> want to reconstructe pFL61,I want to introduce
> asymmetrical SfiI sites. Can you give me some
> practical advice? Any information about vector
> construction is also welcomed.Thank you!
> With my best wishes
> sdyang

Dr. Wolfgang Schechinger
Institute of Biomedical Sciences
Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan R.o.C.


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