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>>1993?  Darn newbies. :)  Found my first from '89 in Google's archive.
> Any advance?

Not really -- same questions.  We're still discussing the toxicity
of EtBr (for one thing) :-)
> One thing I think would reduce a lot of repetitive posts would be the 
> old FAQ if it was ever updated (and no I'm not volunteering). It used to 
> be posted every month or so back in the middle 90's - Paul Hagen I 
> think.

That's Paul Hengen -- and yes, I think that is a lovely idea.  Not only
did Paul's FAQ reduce repetitive posts, but it also contained lots of 
useful information -- such as a simple protocol to make competent cells.

Anyone know where is Paul these days?  He was a postdoc with Tom Schneider, 
but I don't think he is there any more.


P.S. In the late '80s, to "popularize" BIOSCI, Dave Kristoferson used
to give presentations and seminars at various institutions about
and the newsgroups -- guess that doesn't happen anymore ....
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