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> That's Paul Hengen -- and yes, I think that is a lovely idea.  Not only
> did Paul's FAQ reduce repetitive posts, but it also contained lots of 
> useful information -- such as a simple protocol to make competent cells.
> Anyone know where is Paul these days?  He was a postdoc with Tom Schneider, 
> but I don't think he is there any more.

no, but this is still around:


> P.S. In the late '80s, to "popularize" BIOSCI, Dave Kristoferson used
> to give presentations and seminars at various institutions about bio.net
> and the newsgroups -- guess that doesn't happen anymore ....

I'm trying - just written something for the 'Biochemist' and there's a 
chapter in a book coming out next year, too.


Oh yes, definitely creepy.  I'm glad that the froup is shaping up into such a blood curdling lot.  Richard . . . well . . . Richard looks like someone you could leave your children with, you know  
                                             - Michael Emrys in csmgf-s

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