protein solubility

Michael Witty mw132 at
Sat Dec 15 12:35:27 EST 2001

On 15 Dec 2001, Sulakshana Mukherjee wrote:

> Hello!
> Try adding chloramphenicol to the culture to a final conc. of
> 1microgram/ml and grow it at 30degC.
> with best regards,
> Sulakshana
> On 13 Dec 2001, shan wrote:
> > hi.
> >
> > I have a problem regarding the solubility of my protein. This protein has a
> > cellulose binding domain tag. the size of the proein is almost 35kDa. This
> > protein has huge expression but it is going in the inclusion body in
> > insoluble form. I tried to solubilize it by 6M urea it became solubalised
> > but when I dialysed against decrease urea gradient it again became
> > insoluble.  Some one has the idea how to come out of this problem. any
> > suggestion will be appericiated
> >
> > shan

Dear Shan,
          this is a very interesting.  What is the aim of the proceedure?
To switch off chromosomal replication and allow plasmids to continue
replicating?  (I don't quite understand how this would help) or is this
completely empirical?  Do you have any results from the method yourself?

Regards, Mike.

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