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To increase solubility we express in E. coli at 16oC.
Have you tried this? There are other methods such as 3% ethanol but all
these are designed to do is arrest growth. You must reduce expression
levels. Can you titrate the induction?

I hope i've given you a few ideas

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> hi.
> I have a problem regarding the solubility of my protein. This protein has
> cellulose binding domain tag. the size of the proein is almost 35kDa. This
> protein has huge expression but it is going in the inclusion body in
> insoluble form. I tried to solubilize it by 6M urea it became solubalised
> but when I dialysed against decrease urea gradient it again became
> insoluble.  Some one has the idea how to come out of this problem. any
> suggestion will be appericiated
> shan
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