Synthesis of antisense oligo via PCR?

Walfrieda Schröter Walfrieda.Schroeter at
Fri Dec 21 05:35:42 EST 2001

NM wrote:
> Is it possible to synthesize oligos for use in antisense ('knock
> down') experiments? 

yes, by conventional oligo synthesis procedures.
no, by PCR (that´s the question in the subject line). While there _are_
protocols for asymmetric PCR to produce single stranded DNA, these do
not make _oligos_, but longer fragments. Also, I don´t see the point: to
do PCR, you´ll need to order two oligos, to get an antisense oligo you
just order one... 

In addition, it may be a good idea to consider RNAi for knock-down
experiments, rather than simple antisense oligos.


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