the difference between tryptone and peptone

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Mon Dec 24 10:38:29 EST 2001

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 "Emir Khatipov" <khatipovNO at> wrote:

> If I remember correctly, both are produced by digesting by-products of meat
> industry. The difference is in the way the digestion is carried out. As the
> names of products indicate, Tryptone is a tryptic digest (i.e. with
> trypsin), whereas Peptone is a product of peptic digest (i.e. with crude
> digestive jouces - I might be mistaken here, but it probably does not matter
> much). In general, I would substitute one for another, because their
> composition is very similar. Check with the manufacturer on the typical

Perhaps for LB. yes.

But I would do that willy-nilly for all organisms. Some are quite picky, 
and there is enough of a difference between peptone and tryptone that 
one will not support the growth of certain microbes over the other.


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