Transgenic B-gal expression

Pamela Norton at
Thu Feb 1 17:18:50 EST 2001

In article <956jdo$mkn$1 at>, Rudi van de Wetering
<ReplyToButNoSpamR.vandewetering at> wrote:

> I'm analysing some mice expressing B-gal. I have a lot of blue-staining
> which seems to be located at the membrane or extracellularly. However the
> B-gal does not contain a membrane signal so it should remain cytoplasmic. Is
> it a normal thing to see this membrane-like staining?
> Rudi
> I included two links to some pictures. They are not the best but i hope they
> show what i mean.

Hi Rudi,

You are right that the Xgal stain (it is Xgal, right?) should be
confined within the cells. It looks to me as though there is
cytoplasmic staining, with some kind of large unstained vacuoles (fat
droplets that are occluding much of the cell. But I'm not a


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