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   just don't bother about maniatis and all that.  Just take the required
quantity of RNAse, say 1mg/10mg etc. and dissolve in plain deionised water.
Boil it in bioling  water bath for 15 minutes and store it in the
refrigerator.  don't freeze it.
     that works out quite well in our lab for the past several years.
   best of luck

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Subject: RNase-problems

> Hello!
> We´ve prepared RNase several times (as it is written in MANIATIS) to get
> DNase-free.
> Now we´ve tested this RNase on genomic-  and Plasmid-DNA (1.5 h, 37
> degree) - a control without RNase-treatment was included.
> The control DNA was o.k., but there was nothing left from the RNase
> DNA (in both cases).
> As a next step we´ve tested some old batches of RNase - which have worked
> well all the time before - but the result was the same (control o.k.,
> nothing left from the treated DNA).
> Does anyone have an explanation for this phenomenon?
> Thanx a lot for any answer.
> knobloch at uni-duesseldorf.de


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