Seeking equipment advice::::Fluorimeter

Mark P. user at
Mon Feb 5 13:18:46 EST 2001

We bought a BMG (SLT) Fluostar several years ago. We have not had any
mechanical problems with it. However, we are disappointed with the dynamic
range at any particular gain setting (this changes the excitation light
intensity). The dynamic range is about 2 logs, and one is continually having
to change the gain (by trial and error) in the assay parameters and then
rescan the plates - this is a hassle. Perhaps the updated instruments do
this automatically.
We have no experience of the Tecan instrument.
Mark Pickett
University of Southampton

""Alan Smith"" <alansmith at> wrote in message
> Hello,
> We are currently in the process of purchasing a microplate fluorimeter.
> have two options
> 1. a TECAN spectrafluor
> or
> 2. a BMG FlUOstar Galaxy
> I have used the TECAN machine personally and found it to be fine, but BMG
> has an equivalent machine for significantly less money.  A sentence or two
> about either machine from users could greatly aid us. Specifically I am
> interested in BMG users.
> Thank You
> Alan Smith
> Graduate Student
> Plant Breeding and Plant Genetics
> University of Wisconsin-Madison
> Drs. Shawn and Heidi Kaeppler's Lab
> alansmith at
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