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In yeast, there are also some good names for genes. The fact that the
nomenclature is XYZ### (###: some number) where XYZ is often (but
obviously not always) chosen to describe the phenotype from which the
gene was identified makes it difficult (and therefore fun) to make up
good names.

One example I like is EUG1:
Tachibana C, Stevens TH
The yeast EUG1 gene encodes an endoplasmic reticulum protein that is
functionally related to protein disulfide isomerase.
Mol Cell Biol 1992 Oct;12(10):4601-11

where EUG is ER-protein Unnecessary for Growth. Also, the group worked
at the University of Oregon, EUGene.

Another example is SUP35 which is also called PNM2. SUP35 can exist in
a prion-like amyloid form, termed PSI. PSI behaves like a genetic
element, but differs from most genes by the fact that it is protein
based; it's inheritance is based on the fact that it can convert
soluble SUP35 to amyloid. Mutants of SUP35/PNM2 cannot have such a PSI
phenotype and are therefore PSI-no more:

Monty Python-like: Is, uh,...Is your wife a goer, eh? Know whatahmean,
know whatahmean, nudge nudge, know whatahmean, PSI no more?

Good luck

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> Hello!
> I'm writing an article about naming genes. I'd like
> to mention some interesting, clever, or just funny
> examples. Drosophila, I guess, is the best example
> of creativity in this matter, but there might
> be others.
> So, I'd like to ask you, what is your favourite
> gene name? Please provide the explanation of the
> name also.
> Thanks!
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