Favourite gene name?

R. John Lye rjl6n at virginia.edu
Thu Feb 8 07:13:43 EST 2001

Michael Witty wrote:

> > :One tragic case was the scientists (from a non-english speaking country)
> > :who gave their Fucose Kinase sequence a name too obvious to mention.


> Dear Dima,
>          sadly, it is true.  See the swissprot file below for proof.
> Mike.
> ID   FUCK_HAEIN     STANDARD;      PRT;   470 AA.


> RA   Fleischmann R.D., Adams M.D., White O., Clayton R.A., Kirkness E.F.,
> RA   Kerlavage A.R., Bult C.J., Tomb J.-F., Dougherty B.A., Merrick J.M.,
> RA   McKenney K., Sutton G., Fitzhugh W., Fields C.A., Gocayne J.D.,
> RA   Scott J.D., Shirley R., Liu L.-I., Glodek A., Kelley J.M.,
> RA   Weidman J.F., Phillips C.A., Spriggs T., Hedblom E., Cotton M.D.,
> RA   Utterback T.R., Hanna M.C., Nguyen D.T., Saudek D.M., Brandon R.C.,
> RA   Fine L.D., Fritchman J.L., Fuhrmann J.L., Geoghagen N.S.M.,
> RA   Gnehm C.L., McDonald L.A., Small K.V., Fraser C.M., Smith H.O.,
> RA   Venter J.C.;

Now this is really funny - I had no idea that Craig Venter, et al., were
from a non-English speaking country! <grin>  I guess that you're right
though, they probably speak 'mercan...


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