Conformatory epitopes

Dr.Ranga Uday Kumar uday at
Thu Feb 8 08:39:22 EST 2001


	I am curious to know how T-cell help is recruited for conformatory
epitopes to elicit antibody response (or T-cell proliferation).
According to classical models if Immunology, an antigen must be
processed in the endosomes to linear peptides before the peptides are
complexed with MHC class II molecules and presented to T-cells. This
very process should destroy non-linear and conformatory epitopes. By
this mechanism immune response could not be generated against non-linear
epitopes whereas several monoclonal antibodies recognize non-linear
epitopes. I could understand how T-independent B-cell responses could be
generated. But fail to understand how T-dependent B-cell responses are
stimulated to non-linear epitopes. Does some one have an explanation?
	Thank you.
	Ranga Uday Kumar
	Bangalore, India


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