contig assembly

R. John Lye rjl6n at
Thu Feb 8 09:10:46 EST 2001

Juha Saharinen wrote:

> In <cas9-0702011202270001 at> cas9 at (Claudia Sutton) writes:
> >Greetings all... What assembly program are you using? What programs would
> >you avoid, and why?  thanks for any replies.   claudia
> I hav used the Staden package. It is free for academics, and is available
> for MS Windows and different Unix systems. Its got nice graphics display
> and the internals are very robust. In my hands, I have been much
> more pelased with the Staden package than with the commercial conterparts.
> Th url is
> Juha

Thanks so much for this pointer.  The Staden package is very
similar to the Phred/Phrap/Consed suite that I mentioned.
However, it has the advantage (to me) of being a Windows
based program.  I have downloaded the Staden package
and will be using it for future work.  This is a great tip.


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