update on methods

Alberto mrealpe at ibt.unam.mx
Thu Feb 8 10:07:45 EST 2001

Recently, 1999 I think, I saw a new book appearing on Genomics, The
author is T.A. Brown and is from the series Bios of Wiley and sons.  So
far, is the best introductory book (and one of the few) trying to deal
with the new genomics field.  The title is GENOMES.

Hope this information would be useful.  Greetings.



On Thu, 8 Feb 2001, Thomas Moen wrote:

> Hi there!
> I'm looking for books (or articles) that present new and current methods in
> molecular biology, especially in the fields of genetic and physical mapping.
> Seems to me there's a lot going on, and I would like to update myself. Does
> anyone have any suggestions?
> Thanks!
> Thomas Moen


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