Dissolving L-cysteine?

Jim Reid j.reid at sheffield.ac.uk
Thu Feb 8 10:50:02 EST 2001

Watch out with this stuff - if you leave it in solution for a while
it'll oxidise to the  insoluble disulphide.  If your solid stock is old
and has got damp this could be a problem.  When I was using it
frequently 20 mM went into solution (0.1 M KCl _I think_ ) quite


In Vivo wrote:
> Hi, folks, I have some problems dissolving L-cysteine. Even when I
> dissolve it at very low concentration, after several days of stock at
> room temperature, some white solid stuff (I'm not sure if it is still
> cysteine) comes out of the solution and never gets to dissolved
> again.
> Does anybody have some ideas or experience in dissolving and
> stocking this amino acid?
> Thanks
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