5'untranslate sequence (5'UTR)?

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Thu Feb 8 19:27:23 EST 2001

On the same note: long 5' UTRs are energrtically unfavourable for
ribosome scanning. Ribosome binds via cap-binding and a bunch of other
proteins at the extreme 5' end of the message and has to scan till the
first canonical ATG within a right Kozak sequence. 


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>The average (human) 5'UTR size is around 210 bp. Average from I think
>400 sequences.
>Every gene should have some 5'UTR for ribosome binding!?!
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>>Dear all,
>> I study on gene regulation. Since my gene have 5'UTR but
>>it was not in previous report. Then questions are:
>> Are there some gene that does not have 5'UTR?
>> What is the average length of 5'UTR? 
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>>Saengtong Pongjaroenkit
>>Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics,
>>Mahidol University, Bangkok Thailand 
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