Spermine-agarose chromatography

Alex Blais Alexandre.Blais at NOSPAMcrchul.ulaval.ca
Sun Feb 11 16:30:53 EST 2001


I am beginning a RNA-binding protein purification project and I have
found that some researchers use spermine-agarose to purify proteins
involved in pre-mRNA splicing. The articles I found never mentioned the
properties of that type of ligand, and why they used it in place of

So, what is the basis of spermine-affinity chromatography ? I know
spermine is a polyamine, so I suppose there is may be an anion-exchange
effect...(just like heparin-affinity chromato involves anion-exchange
effects). If so, why is it chosen in place of other  more "conventional"
ion exchangers ?

Thanks for any help


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