endonuclease storage temp.

Dag Rune Gjellesvik dagrg at online.no
Mon Feb 12 07:51:41 EST 2001

In most cases it will be OK, I think the -20C recommendation is only a safe
precaution for enzymes that may inactivate during freeze/thaw cycles. Most
enzymes are in 40-50% glycerol which is liquid at -20C

Dag Rune

John Bohmfalk skrev i meldingen <3A870CFE.93878FD2 at hastings.edu>...
>Most restriction endonucleases have a recommended storage temperature of
>-20C.  Are there any disadvantages or problems with storing them at a
>lower temp, like -70C or so?
>John Bohmfalk
>Hastings College
>Biology Department
>jbohmfalk at hastings.edu

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