Arlequin help needed

Tim Spahlinger txs at
Wed Feb 14 08:09:08 EST 2001

Hi Deanne,

I don't use the program.  However, from previous experience 
with other programs I've found that I have run out of memory 
in similar circumstances.  In this case, I suggest that you 
close all other applications that might be running before 
you try to open the project.  If this is not doable or 
doesn't work, you might check the configuration (i.e., 
config.sys file) of your operating system to maximize your 
available memory.

Deanne Bell wrote:

> Hi all
> Has anyone out there used a population genetics software package called
> Arlequin?
> I am having trouble with the program or my computer or something -
> I use the Project Wizard to build a new outline for a file but when I hit
> the "open outline as a project" button my computer freezes up.
> Can anyone help me
> Deanne Bell
> Molecular Markers Lab Technician
> USDA Agricultural Research Service
> 2021 S. Peach Ave.
> Fresno, CA 93727
> e-mail: dbell at
> phone: 559 453-3170
> fax: 559 453-3088
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