Shearing of DNA

Johns053 at Johns053 at
Thu Feb 15 17:11:42 EST 2001

DNase in the presence of Mn will shear double stranded DNA.  To get the size
fragments that you desire, titrate the enzyme.  As you increase the amount of
enzyme your DNA fragments will get smaller.  Run the digest on an agarose gel to
determine the result.  You can even purify the appropriately sized DNA from the


ddaelemans at (Dirk Daelemans) on 02/15/2001 04:23:27 PM

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Subject:  Shearing of DNA

I would like to shear DNA to fragments of about 300-500 bp. Can anyone
recommend an easy method that gives a nice distribution (not bigger than
1000 not smaller than 200 bp) of sheared DNA?




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