Separation of 15kD proteins by SDS-PAGE

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Thu Feb 15 19:37:53 EST 2001

brookes at ("Paul S. Brookes.") wrote:
:For various reasons, Tris-Tricine gels are far superior to Tris-Glycine 

Purely in the interest of nitpicking (or a historical overview
if you wish :-)):

Tris-Glycine discontinuous system with buffers of exactly the
same composition was developed by Davis and Ornstein. 
AFAIR, Laemmli's contribution (a crucial one, to be sure)
was adding SDS everywhere on top of existing and very popular
buffer system. It was the work of Davis and Ornstein that made
the system so fool-proof and stable, and insight of Laemmli
that made it a versatile method with such a high resolution.

:Gels for low molecular weight proteins and peptides.  See 
:<Schagger H & von Jagow G (1987) Anal. Biochem. vol 166, p368-379> for a 
:comprehensive method.

Yes, for something below 10 kDa I would definitely go with 
Tricine gels. For 15K, they are IMHO not worth the trouble
(less reproducibility) since ~15K is resolved perfectly
well on a standard SDS PAGE. 

:<html><div>For various reasons, Tris-Tricine gels are far superior to
:</font><font color="#FF0000"><b>Dr. Paul S.

Any chance you can configure your newsreader to not
post HTML to a text only medium such as Usenet? Thanks!

        - Dima

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