Human myeloma: attachment and growth

Victor L. levenson at
Thu Feb 15 19:24:25 EST 2001

Dear all:

I will appreciate any info regarding available ways to "attach" human
myeloma cells to substrate.
Fibronectin, BSA and collagen protocols with attachment ratio higher
than 30% will be very useful, as well as any tricks to increase the
attchment efficiency.

I am planning to isolate survivors after drug treatment; it is
possible to do that with limited dilution, but it will take much more
effort to untangle the data afterwards, so your advice will be very

The cells in question are RPMI 8226; I am NOT limited in the choice of
human myeloma cell line, so your experience with U266, NCI-H929,
UC729-6 or ANY other HUMAN myeloma will be very helpful.

You can send me an e-mail if you prefer; my address is
levenson at



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