Separation of 15kD proteins by SDS-PAGE - html

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Sun Feb 18 01:30:20 EST 2001

You may try the newly (today) added feature in forums. It allows
you to post to the newsgroups in text format or html format.

Paul S. Brookes. wrote:
>  >Any chance you can configure your newsreader to not
>  >post HTML to a text only medium such as Usenet? Thanks!
> Don't know what the problem is.  I read the newsgroup in
> Netscape, and then
> click the "reply" tab and send a mail in Eudora.  I have
> configured Eudora
> to post "enhanced" e-mail, but that is not different from
> Outlook or any
> other of today's sophosticated e-mail programs, so the problem
> must be at
> the bionet end of things, with the parsing of my message.
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