RNA bands (RNA is OK!)

M. Hertel hippocampus at NoSpam.gmx.ch
Sun Feb 18 08:28:36 EST 2001

Hello Ramesh,
Everything is Ok with your RNA!
The 3 bands are the rRNA bands which are the major part of Your
prepÖ(Eucaryotic Ribosomes have 5S, 5.8S, 18S and 28S rRNA resulting 3 bands).
If this bands are sharp, you can be sure your RNA is not degraded.
The normal smear of all the other RNAs should be nearly invisible, whereas a
thick smear in the upper part of your gel, over the two heavier bands , is a
sign for DNA contaminationÖ.

ramesh wrote:

> Hi!
> I have isolated RNA from calf liver and i found three bands on the
> denaturing gel. All three bands are at a distance from the well. Is it
> normal. i have a suspicion that i may have gotten some organellar DNA (Is it
> possible). The intensity of the topmost of the three bands was similar to
> the next band and clearly visible(no smearing). Can any one help me out with
> this
> thanx
> ramesh
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