heat inactivation of FBS

Sean Peel seanpeel at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 19 15:58:49 EST 2001

Why should we heat inactivate our serum ?
The reason I've always been told is that it
inactivates the complement without affecting the
growth factors etc. This is also stated by Freshney in
his book on cell culture. 

However I havent actually seen any references to this
fact. I would think that there must be some effect on
the rest of the components.

In some experiments I carried out to train one of our
techs we compared HI and non HI serum effects on a
fibroblast cell line. We saw no difference in cell
number but did see a reduction in alkaline phosphatase
activity when we used non HI serum. (These cells
express AP at high levels).

Any thoughts would be welcome.

Sean Peel (Ph.D.)
seanpeel at yahoo.com

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