what is "sokkrplarluvsH20"

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> Subject:       Re: what is "sokkrplarluvsH20"

Answer: A very interesting nobel gas complex, containing an 
argon-krypton gas hydrate center. 
Ffirst described in investigation of a disastrous explosion of a 
confocal laser scanning microscope laser unit 
 (Ref.: A. Big, N. Bang-Bumm, J. Catast.Res.Chem 112, 110 (2000)).
and recently syntesized from the elements in a argon/mud matrix at 
-293 deg C by atomic waste ion beaming . 
(Ref.: M. Quark-Strudel, A. Big, N. Bang-Bumm,  New Int. J. Hyperlow 
Temp. Chem. 273, 27 (2001))

Exact formula of this complex is (SO4K)42-Ar=Kr(H2O)42-(PI2[UV5S])42

It was the first observation of a Ar=Kr double bond of which the 
exact nature still remains to be elucidated. Spectroscopical 
experiments gave hint to the existence of two spin uncupled single 
electron reverse bonds. The high resonance energy of this bond is 
stabilized by 42 units of the phosphorous-heavy metal complex 
PI2[UV5S] that shields the molecule completely. The potassium 
and sulfate ions are necessary for charge compensation. 42 water 
molecules are buried within the whole structure and were detected by 
Karl-Fischer titration. 



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