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Wed Feb 21 03:41:05 EST 2001

I apologize for the delay in replying to your mail. I had some server
problems sending mails. I sent the mails many times and all of them
bounced. Sorry if you get many mails.
I do have personal experience with this book. We use this book as a
reference whenever we have problem.
I learnt to do cell culture from a person who had a very good experience
in cell culture techniques. So, basically I follow procedures that I was
taught by her. But, I frequently refer to this book.
The book gives a very detailed explanation of the tissue culture, the
biology, the essential equipment, aseptic technique, safety, culture
It also talks about primary culture, cell lines, cell separation,
characterization, differentiation, transformation, cryopreservation and
more. I would say it has just about anything you would want to know to
do cell culture.
Technique wise, it is a good book.

But, there are things that I always do that do not match with what it
says in the book. These I learnt from the personal experiences of others
who have done a lot of cell culture. It is always good to ask someone
who has had a lot of experience.
Hope this information is of help to you.

Harri Hassinen wrote:

> Can anyone suggest a good book a cell-culturing, including basic
> techniques and theory? I have received data and teaching from many
> people but often would like to have some sort of source for reference.
> And thank you all in advance!

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