book on cell-culturing

Farida Safadi-Chamberlain fsafadi at lamar.ColoState.EDU
Wed Feb 21 06:57:13 EST 2001

So what is the book? you did not include the book reference that you
described in your message.

Farida Safadi-Chamberlain, Ph.D.
Department of Biochemistry
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On Wed, 21 Feb 2001, Xylophone Victor wrote:

> I apologize for the delay in replying to your mail. I had some server
> problems sending mails. I sent the mails many times and all of them
> bounced. Sorry if you get many mails.
> I do have personal experience with this book. We use this book as a
> reference whenever we have problem.
> I learnt to do cell culture from a person who had a very good experience
> in cell culture techniques. So, basically I follow procedures that I was
> taught by her. But, I frequently refer to this book.
> The book gives a very detailed explanation of the tissue culture, the
> biology, the essential equipment, aseptic technique, safety, culture
> vessels.
> It also talks about primary culture, cell lines, cell separation,
> characterization, differentiation, transformation, cryopreservation and
> more. I would say it has just about anything you would want to know to
> do cell culture.
> Technique wise, it is a good book.
> But, there are things that I always do that do not match with what it
> says in the book. These I learnt from the personal experiences of others
> who have done a lot of cell culture. It is always good to ask someone
> who has had a lot of experience.
> Hope this information is of help to you.
> Harri Hassinen wrote:
> > Can anyone suggest a good book a cell-culturing, including basic
> > techniques and theory? I have received data and teaching from many
> > people but often would like to have some sort of source for reference.
> >
> > And thank you all in advance!


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