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Wed Feb 21 20:04:59 EST 2001


Some colleagues and I have built this website to serve bioresearch
community. It's the first fully customizable community site for
bio-researchers. As students and researchers in biological sciences
ourselves, we know what is wanted. So far 1170+ online journals and 710+
online protocols have been collected. The website is database-driven, so
that you can mark any protocols, journals, forums, or threads in forums, of
your interest and organize them in a convenient way. And you can comment or
view others' comments on a protocol that interests you. Also our collection
of 51 forums helps you reach more people.

The website is growing daily and new features are added based on feedbacks
from our colleagues. So if you have time, please take a look at it. Any
feedbacks would be highly appreciated. BTW, I've only tested the site for
MSIE. It may not work well with Netscape.

Many thanks. 

Chief developer and user of

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