SV: what is "sokkrplarluvsH20"

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> Susanne Rohrer wrote:
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> > "R. Jayakumar" wrote:
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cut cut cut
> Not wishing to be the one asking silly questions, but how sure are you
> that this is a scientific expression, and not a non-english word (and
> you're *really* sure it's not a wind-up, or some bizzare psychological
> experiment)?  Sticking sokk into Google turns up hits in Norwegian,
> hungarian, russian - but virtually nothing in English.  This idea fouls
> up a bit if you use a longer fragment.  Apart from being (I think)
> Norwegian for soccer, then sokkr doesn't seem to find much else, and
> sokkrplar finds nothing at all.
> I think if you really want to know what this is then find a context, and
> also check the capitalisation and any possible breaks within the word.
> A reference to the source paper would be your best bet.
> Simon.

I love these weird discussions! Sokk in Norwegian means stocking and makes
no sense with the rest. Keep up creative thinking!

Dag Rune

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