tool for convertig aa sequnce into table of IEPs

Dima Klenchin klenchin at
Fri Feb 23 09:22:27 EST 2001

wolfsc at ("Wolfgang Schechinger") wrote:
>Hi all, 
>I'm looking for a (preferably web based) tool to convert any amino 
>acid sequence into a list of isoelectric pH values (amino acid by 
>amino acid), not necessarily offering graphic representation (might 
>do that with any spread sheet). Currently, I'm only aware of tools 
>computing the overall pI value of a protein (like at expasy). Befor 
>setting up the whole application a s spreadsheed, I'd like to ask.

Even if your scientific graphing software lacks any scripting 
capability, in the worst scenario you only need to do 20 
"search and replace all" operations like Letter --> Value. 

Then you can plot it to get nice representation of the profile.
BTW, what is the point? What values are you going to use? How
is pI vor free valine relevant to valine residue in the peptide

        - Dima

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