Request a FREE Perfectprep Plasmid Isolation Kit Sample from Eppendorf

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* Perfectprep Plasmid Isolation Kit Sample from Eppendorf
* 0.2 ml PCR Tubes (8 tubes per strip) from United Scientific Products
* Master Taq Kit Sample from Brinkmann Instruments
* Microcentrifuge and PCR tubes from Axygen Scientific
* Tube Racks: 96-well, 96-well skirted, & 384-well 
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* Wizard Genomic DNA Purification System trial from Promega
* Latex Gloves from United Scientific Products
* 158 page PCR laboratory manual from Alkami Biosystems
* Easy-to-use PCR Master Mix designed especially for routine PCR
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* PCR Tissue Homogenizing Kit Demo from Omni International
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* Primer design, DNA microarray analysis, and Vector analysis software
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