David Huang daweihuang at 163.net
Tue Feb 27 02:40:59 EST 2001

I am a customer of the  product K1051-1(Catalog#)(Smart cDNA Library
Cinstruction Kit, produced by Clontech company). I have established my cDNA
library using his kit and achieved wonderful results. I have got a library
in the term of ¦ËTriplEx2 , but I want to convert the library to the term of
plasmid. I learned from his manual that conversion may be performed on
individual positive paques picked from the secondary or tretiary screening
plates( using  host strain :E.Cloi BM25.8). So  I want to know if the total
library can be converted to plasmid term .
    As you know , I want to get a gene for expression from the library
constructed according his Kit User Manual. I have total sequence of  my
target gene and devise my PCR primers. But I don't know how to get my gene
from the library. Would you mind give me some advices?
Thnk you very much!
Your truly:HuangWei


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