rapid ligation buffer

Dr. Hiranya S. Roychowdhury hroychow at nmsu.edu
Tue Feb 27 20:43:26 EST 2001

Although I do a 2h ligation for single inserts using the Focus (Life Tech.)
buffer, I have succesfully ligated up to 1.6kb insert into 2.5 - 3kb
vectors by incubating at RT for 15 min (both blunt and sticky ended).
I consider that fast enough.

At 04:31 PM 2/27/01 +0100, GRAZIANI Stéphane wrote:
>Does anybody know how to prepare this rapid ligation buffer which is 
>sold quite expensive in rapid ligation kits, but in fact works with any 
>T4 DNA ligase?
>Stéphane GRAZIANI
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