Any concerns about using DEPC treated water?

tyson tyson.graber at
Wed Feb 28 16:53:11 EST 2001

There should be no concern with the use of DEPC treated water...autoclaving
breaks it down into ethanol and carbon dioxide.

DEPC in itself is not carcinogenic, but reacted with ammonia it forms
urethane, so DEPC should be treated just like any other hazardous
chemical...use it in the fumehood etc...

...also DEPC forms naturally in ethanol solutions exposed to CO2
sparkling wine!

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> Hi netters,
> I would appreciate if any/all could share their experiences/concerns
> using DEPC treated water for RNA/DNA work. 
> My own experience since 1985 has been to avoid using such water. I prefer
> exercise sterile technique throughout the lab 
> in order to minimize contamination of RNA/DNA. So far, no problems.
> I wonder why Gibco-BRL sells DNase/RNase free distiled water instead of
> treated dH2O?
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