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Sencera justinel at
Tue Jan 9 10:10:21 EST 2001

Dear sir,

We are the Manufacture of follow sensor elements:
- Own patent's shock sensor element for car alarm and lock.
- Own patent's tilt switch and sensor element. (instead of Mercury type)
- Shock detector model 201C type, for car alarm with VR sensitive adjust
- Shock detector model VB type, for security use such as window shock
- Ultrasonic transducer 40KHz for car security use.
- High power ultrasonic transducer from 28KHz to 1.0MHz for ultrasonic
  machine use.
-Air pollution sensor element
-Alcohol sensor element 
-Atmospheric pressure sensor element  
-Carbonate monoxide sensor element  
-LPG and Nature Gas sensor element  
-Capacitive humidity sensor element  
-Smoke sensor element  
-Temperature sensor element 
 measurement range from -40 C to +300 C, resolution:1%, 3%, 5%

Products design, OEM are available.

Any interesting, please contact
Sencera Co., Ltd.
Mr. Justine Lee
justinel at


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