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thermal cyclers and gel documentation system

Robert Hartley rh at mblab.gla.ac.uk
Thu Jan 11 14:44:57 EST 2001

In article <3A5C6AC2.9BA6BAB4 at lacdr.leidenuniv.nl>,
santbrin at lacdr.leidenuniv.nl ("P.J. v. Santbrink") wrote:

Hi Pete
> Hi all,
> We've to buy a new thermal cycler and our old fashioned polaroid system
> is finally breaking down so we're also looking for a gel documentation
> system.
> We now have the Biometra trio thermoblock (the old one) and I know they
> have the newer version, the T3 Thermocycler. The sale reps of course say
> that it's the best there is, but I would like to know how it really
> works on the lab bench, so any good/bad experiences with with the T3 ??
> Also, any thoughts on the Primus 96 HPL Thermal cycler from MWG Biotech
> ?
I've one of these and I use it as a 4C coolblock and as an ncubator for RT
and denaturing etc. 
For up to the minute PCR have a look at the PTC200 from MJR that is worth
considering at about 5K. You May need a licence for this machine from
Perkin Elmer etc etc.
> As for a gel documentation system we're looking at the GeneGenius from
> Syngene and the ImaGo 500MZ. Any good/bad experiences with these
> systems, and maybe some tips on other gel documentation systems ??

You could save a lot of dosh by making one yourself.

IE lets consider that your light/UV box is ok so why not use this.

All you need is a darkbox with a door and a shielded hole (or a room that
is dark when you put the light out) for your camera of choice. EG
Hamamatsu Panasonic etc.

If your worksop can't make one you couls buty a replacement from one of
the companies. This leaves you free to choose the rest to suit your needs.

Now you need some capture software. For a mac NIH or for a PC scion Image
or for a RiscPC with RISC OS Imagemaster or Photodesk.

If you want to quantitate some bands then you could get your Computer to
be dual boot and load many of the free documentation apps for
Linux/Unix'en like Image from the Sanger.ac.uk
or Linux

I'm sue there are many for windows PC's but I don't really use windows due
to the OS being mince.

A wee quick trawl through www.bioinformatik.de should yield many
freeware/shareware that should be able to give density analysis.


Or you could buy a complete sys where you are charged a lot of dosh for a
PC with similar software @ about 5000ukp I'd rather spend the dosh on the
top camera and optics than on a PC at 2000 ex software when you can buy
the same for half the price in the local computer shop and load the above
software for shareware or for free.

Bob; Sunny Scotland
Robert Hartley, Centre for Cell Engineering,University of Glasgow,
Glasgow G12 8QQ Tel:++44(0)141 330 4756
Fax:++44 (0)141 330 3730 mailto:rh at mblab.gla.ac.uk
Web : http://www.gla.ac.uk/Inter/CellEngineering

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