Blunting sheared DNA

Chris Boyd cboyd at
Mon Jan 15 04:43:17 EST 2001

: At 03:14 PM 1/12/01 -0800, Chris Upton wrote:
:>Hi, we're going to be generating randomly sheared DNA for sequencing using
:>a nebulizer, and cloning into an Invitrogen Topo-Blunt vector.
:>Anyone have any suggestions for blunting the ends?
:>We have some of the Stratagene  PCR polishing kit around that uses Pfu.
:>Anyone tried this to fix sheared DNA?

"Dr. Hiranya S. Roychowdhury" <hroychow at> wrote:
: Never done with sheared DNA, but I would think that T4 DNA polymerse would
: work with its 3-5' exo and 5-3' poly activity.

... remembering to add an excess of dNTPs with the polymerase.

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