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>> Hi netters,
>> I had attempted to clone a 5kb insert (from a genomic library) into 
>> the bluescript vector atleast 3 times (into Kpn I - Sma I sites) with 
>> nosuccess. I am doing this only to sequence my inserts.  I do a blue 
>> white screening, none of my white colonies contain the insert. One 
>> of my colleagues suggested using the pUC 19 vector. 
>> Any suggestions ?? 
>You could try Asp718 instead of KpnI.

And/or XmaI instead of SmaI, so that you get a sticky end instead of
blunt... and it cuts at 37C too. According to the new NEB catalogue,
XmaI isn't even as expensive as it used to be.

You might look at a few blue colonies too... blue/white isn't 100%

Other than that, try and work out why it isn't working - what do your
controls look like? Particularly, how many colonies are you getting on
control (ligated vector only) vs vector-with-insert plates?



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